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CHOOSE ONE TEAM FOR 2023 (pics are from past Bowls)

You don't have to be a pro to create gluten-free candy-filled brownies.  Decorate them any way you want.  For everyone of all ages:  friends, family, or just the guys. 


Each kit includes:

  • 3 double-stacked gluten-free freshly-baked fudge brownies with pre-cut holes for candy 
  • 3 gluten-free candy rolls
  • 2 bags filled with gluten-free icing in game day team colors
  • football-shaped confetti
  • easy-to-follow suggestions

Superbowl Pinata Brownies

  • Order by 5 p.m., February 7, 2023.

    Pick up or delivery arranged for either February 10 or 11, 2023.

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