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Flavors That Enhance Memories

What makes these desserts gluten-free?

The ingredients! They have been checked and double-checked to make sure there are no gluten products in them or any discernible cross-contamination, as defined in regulatory guidelines. There aren't any gluten products in my baking kitchen. 

Is it easy to spot gluten-containing products?

No and no and no. I was dumb-struck by the extensive presence of gluten in so many baking ingredients.  Some were obvious (wheat, rye, barley). Others were definitely not: some but not all dried fruits, gel food colors, decorative sprinkles, shredded coconut, chocolate powders, meringue powder, and on and on and on. If I'm unsure about an ingredient, I contact the manufacturer for the final word.


How can I know that I will like your desserts?

It's important for my clients to have trust and confidence in my dessert preparation. I suggest that you buy a starter pack. It contains a variety of items. Take one bite, wait a while, and then take another bite.


Can I freeze the desserts?

Yes. They keep well for up to a month when wrapped tightly in plastic wrap and then in aluminum foil.


Will my gluten-eating friends and family like your desserts?

If you like them, they will too. I have had many people taste-test the menu items. A few were gluten-free eaters. The rest of the group consisted of full-blown bring-on-the-gluten eaters--no dietary restrictions. In the first round of testing, I didn't even tell them that I baked gluten-free. I just served it as "regular" food. They couldn't believe that gluten-free could taste so good.  

Do you fulfill special requests?

Ask me! We can talk about making something you have been craving. I am always open to testing new recipes, especially converting gluten desserts to a tasty gluten-free version. This is also how I expand my menu.  

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